Beware of Narcissists Bearing Gifts

Why a manipulative person is never doing you a favour. If you have encountered a narcissistic manipulator, you will probably have been burned by accepting gifts, favours, or even much needed help before. It may have scarred you so badly that you’re now terrified of asking anyone for anything and even the thought of getting a birthday present fills you with dread. You’re so uncomfortable … Continue reading Beware of Narcissists Bearing Gifts


Is it possible, or WISE, to lack judgement? The statement often seen thrown around on the internet; “judgement is wrong!”… is, in fact, a judgement. Anyone who says that judgement itself is wrong, is engaging in judgement, which means that they also are wrong in making that statement. They’re coming to a conclusion about something and forming an opinion on whether it is good or … Continue reading Non-Judgement

New Age BS?

How working for an “energy healer” prompted me to question the pseudo-psychology of self-appointed gurus. For the full presentation, see the video embedded below: Conclusion What would I say is the take-away that I’ve learned from my previous involvement in the New Age? I think, like most people, I went there looking for answers to all the things that seemed wrong with my life and … Continue reading New Age BS?