Disorganised Attachment, Dissociative Disorder and New Age Practices

What Christians need to know about Religious Beliefs and Mental Health One of the things I’ve encountered from New Age practitioners in terms of attacks on my choice of Christianity is the implication that I’m mentally unstable and people cannot trust anything I say. Firstly, this the very reason why people never discuss their mental health with others and why they suffer in silence; people … Continue reading Disorganised Attachment, Dissociative Disorder and New Age Practices

Turn the Other Cheek?

What the Bible says about Forgiveness, Judging Others and Setting Boundaries. When it comes to being Christian there is usually an emphasis on being gentle as doves, forgiving your neighbour, turning the other cheek… etc. However, what I’ve found a lot of the time is that this ethos gets exploited by unscrupulous and abusive people who have no intentions of repenting, changing or making amends. … Continue reading Turn the Other Cheek?

Are You God?

Debunking “Christ Consciousness” One of the bible verses frequently utilised as proof of the concept of “Christ Consciousness” is found in John 10:34 (NKJV): Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, “You are gods”’? When taken out of context and presented as a solitary statement it very much sounds like an affirmation from Jesus where we can behave like egotistical … Continue reading Are You God?

Problems with Meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are heavily promoted by mental health professionals these days, with an endless stream of studies produced to support it. However, unlike a comprehensive drug trial, there has been a scandalous lack of research into the risks involved in meditation and equally less investment in defining the parameters of techniques and teaching, or advising at-risk patients on the side-effects. The terms can also … Continue reading Problems with Meditation